Are you looking to reduce your utility bill for your commercial, industrial, governmental, educational, or non-profit space? Open Market Energy is a full-service energy consulting company that provides it’s clients the top procurement, management, and energy solutions.

With over 150 years of energy experience, Open Market Energy is reliable, knowledgeable, and diligent all in the name of their clients. One of the biggest expenses that your company incurs is energy. Open Market Energy has the know-how and experience to navigate the deregulated energy market and make sure you’re saving on your utility bill. Why entrust such a large portion of expenditures to a less experienced company?

What to Expect from Open Market Energy?

So what do you get when you work with a company with over 150 years of energy experiences? Here is the process you can expect when you work with Open Market Energy:

      • Firstly, there will be a meeting with an Open Market Energy representative who will work to better understand business goals. The representative will review green energy requirements, efficiency, ownership, issues, and more. This is followed by setting achievable goals and objectives.


      • Secondly, the proper documentation and authorization is required. This authorization is a non-binding document that only allows access to the previous 12 months of usage data.


      • Thirdly, an extensive examination of the Historical Usage Data for usage, peak loads, patterns, and more is conducted. This is followed by an Open Market Energy representative providing product options and efficient, optimal pricing for your commercial facility.


      • Finally, once the budget is set and goals and objectives are met, let Open Market Energy take care of the rest. Through monitoring energy usage and communication with suppliers, a seamless transition to that supplier is guaranteed.

    OME will then monitor future buying opportunities to further ensure that the best, most efficient plans are in effect.


Contact Open Market Energy today for a free energy analysis at (240) 482-4729.



In January of 1999, Pennsylvania enacted a bill known as Electricity Generation Customer Choice and Competition Act, allowing consumers to choose their electricity supplier. Within a week, more than 1.1 million consumers had signed up. Pennsylvania is a prime example on the transition into deregulated energy.


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