Natural Gas

We Help Manage Your Risk Levels & Gas Demand

Natural gas production volumes and prices have fluctuated dramatically over the past 10 years with the development of shale production facilities. Because of the expense of the hydraulic fracturing treatments required to produce it, shale gas tends to cost more than gas from conventional wells. It is estimated that the US has more then a 100-year supply in natural gas; but unpredictable weather, storage levels, transportation pipelines to high demand markets and the emergence of a global LNG market have all contributed to the recent increase in natural gas volatility. In the US, natural gas is used to produce 33% of the electricity and heat over half the homes in the country.

The Open Market Energy team has an average of over 15 years of natural gas utility and energy industry experience. The Open Market Energy team will manage your risk levels and gas demand while recommending the optimal contract terms and rates. These rates may include interval metering, index transactions, termed fixed rate, block and index and straight NYMEX pricing.


OME starts with a preliminary energy audit that may include reviewing energy bills, usage, peak loads, onsite lighting, ect. We will then provide a complete HVAC audit to determine the optimal efficiency projects for the facility. This may include:

  • Distance from where natural gas is produced or stored
  • Availability and capacity of transmission pipelines to move natural gas from producing areas, storage facilities, and trading hubs to distribution hubs
  • Volumes and characteristics (such as timing and volatility) of consumer demand
  • Costs of distribution, taxes, and other charges
  • State regulations
  • Working with Open Market Energy to competitively price your gas load in our trusted supplier network

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