Going Green

Assisting Corporate & Multi-Family Environments

Going green has become increasingly popular in corporate and multi-family environments for a variety of reasons. Our customers rely on OME to deliver a strategic and systematic approach to evaluating green energy efficiency projects that are financially sound. In addition, using renewable sources or implementing energy reduction projects can significantly reduce a property's operating expenses while also increasing property value.

From onsite energy generation to net metering credits, Open Market Energy can educate you on the many ways to "go green." We’ll work with your team to design a solution to meet your company's green energy goals.


OME starts with a preliminary energy audit that may include reviewing energy bills, usage, peak loads, onsite lighting and an HVAC audit to determine the optimal efficiency projects for the facility. This may include:

  • Design, Install, and Manage Solar Project
  • Utility Rebates
  • Lighting Retrofits
  • HVAC Rebates
  • Window Film
  • Energy Efficient Projects
  • SREC Purchasing

Start Saving Today

Let’s see if we can help you better understand your energy budget starting today! Once we hear from you, we can immediately start reviewing your company's utility bills and then assess areas where you can start saving.