Energy Market

Learn About The Energy Commodity Market

At Open Market Energy, we know the energy market. With over 160 years in energy procurement management, we strive to provide you with the right information to make smart investments in your energy portfolio. With the OME trusted supplier network, our customers can be confident they are getting the best rates and contract terms for their facilities.


Energy Procurement Products

  • Fixed Rate
  • Indexed on Locational Marginal Pricing (LMP)
  • Block and Index
  • Contract term (Monthly, or 1-5 year contracts)

OME consultants work with our clients and recommend the best product offerings and contract terms available to them. The market conditions and load profile drive the most beneficial offering for a specific property.

In a deregulated market, OME can compare energy prices in real-time, allowing us to make smart energy recommendations based on years of historical data.

Start Saving Today

Let’s see if we can help you better understand your energy budget starting today! Once we hear from you, we can immediately start reviewing your company's utility bills and then assess areas where you can start saving.