Energy Services

How is your energy portfolio performing today?

Open Market Energy is a full-service energy consulting company providing procurement, management and energy solutions to clients in the commercial, industrial, educational, governmental, and non-profit industries.

Energy is one of the top business expenses many companies incur, and the time spent managing it can mean the difference between responsible spending and overspending. Open Market Energy has built a trusted supplier network, ensuring that our customers are getting informed comparisons between the various rates and contract terms. Our supplier RFP is written to ensure the supplier contract terms match each supplier bid.

We offer the following energy services

  • Energy Procurement of Natural Gas and Electricity
  • Energy RFP’s, Auctions, and Aggregations
  • Utility bill audits with tariff and rate class review
  • Budgeting, Utility Monitoring and Tracking
  • Distribution fees and sales tax credits
  • Green energy and REC procurements (solar, wind, hydro)
  • Alternative power programs leveraging onsite generation
  • Energy Audits
  • Solar and Sustainability Implementations
  • Sub metering and tenant usage tracking
  • Utility Rebate applications
  • Lighting and HVAC retrofits
  • Utility Scorecard – Budget and tracking
  • Energy Project Financing
  • Property sales and acquisition support
  • Supplier contract termination negotiation
  • Benchmarking and compliance reporting

Start Saving Today

Let’s see if we can help you better understand your energy budget starting today! Once we hear from you, we can immediately start reviewing your company's utility bills and then assess areas where you can start saving.